Innovative System Station in Chrzęsne

The 2016-2023 Railway Station Investment Program counteracts transportation exclusion in smaller towns. The Chrzęsne train station covered by the program, which we had the pleasure of co-developing, has been put into operation.

The station is one of the city’s most important public buildings. In addition to good visual orientation, it must be, above all, functional. The Announcement System, launched by us, meets all the requirements of PKP S.A., the appropriate placement of devices, affects the quality of the received voice messages and reaches every part of the travelers’ zone. The current implementation of the timetable and all the necessary information about changes/delays are informed by our Arrival/Departure Collective Station Displays, installed in the waiting area. Under the station shelter are our 600mm double-sided clocks. On the 8-meter wall of the building we have placed a tower clock, whose dial diameter reaches 1800mm.

Security has been significantly increased by installing the following equipment: CCTV monitoring, Access Control System, Burglary and Robbery Alarm System and SOS System.