Description of the device

The WZM amplifier is a component of the Broadcast System. It is made of high-quality components. It is class D and operates in 100V technology. The amplifiers are available in 2 versions: output power 2x150W RMS and 2x300W (redundant n+n) on two separate channels, with the possibility of playing two different contents at the same time (in combination with the DAC1502 controller). The amplifier has an internal operation/damage monitoring system, along with automatic switching of the speaker lines in the event of damage to one of them. It is equipped with a DSP processor that allows delay insertion, bass and treble filtering, crackle removal, audio track matrixing, and preset creation. Up to 16 background microphones per loudspeaker line can be connected to the amplifier for automatic volume control of spoken messages. The amplifier’s power supply is based on two redundant switched-mode power supplies with 94% efficiency with active PCF (power factor correction, reactive power reduction). The amplifier’s robust 19″ rack-mountable enclosure provides protection for the electronic components.


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