The SOS Husar post has been designed for both internal and external installations, in accordance with PKP Polskie Linii Kolejowe SA IPI-4 guidelines and PKP SA Good Practice. The posts are used for local emergency calls and for the Railway Station Security Centre.

Description of the device

The Husar S-SOS post has been designed primarily for railway infrastructure, but can also be used at bus stations, car parks, shopping centres or airport terminals. The post consists of a communication module and a base to permanently fix the post to the ground.

The communication unit is equipped with an emergency call button, a camera for recording the caller and a microphone and loudspeaker for voice communication. The device is also equipped with an induction loop, which is an assistive listening system that transmits the signal directly to the hearing aid.

The design of the unit provides IP-66 and IK-10 protection, and the colour scheme of the pole makes it easily visible to passengers and people in the vicinity. The construction of the post is in accordance with the IPI-4 guidelines of PKP Polskie Linii Kolejowych SA and PKP SA Good Practices. Please see product characteristics below and contact us!


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