The Time Signalling System consists of clocks synchronised using the Network Time Protocol. Our product range includes indoor, outdoor and tower clocks. Everything you could possibly need!

Description of the device

The Husar SSC Time Signalling System clocks are a series of products tailored to the needs of stations and passenger stations. In our portfolio you will find single-sided indoor clocks in 400mm, 500mm and 600mm sizes for installation in station rooms. We also offer external clocks in the 600mm size – single-sided and double-sided. For all the above-mentioned types of clocks it is possible to prepare a face with the customer’s logo and/or numerals.

Furthermore, we also offer tower clocks – both mechanisms with hands and dial faces. These clocks, as required by PKP SA, have a diameter of 1800mm. They are usually designed to be mounted on the façades of PKP SA’s Innovative System Railway Stations.

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Catalog Card- One-sided internal clock 400mm

Catalog Card- One-sided external clock 600mm

Catalog Card- Double-sided outdoor clock 600mm

Catalog Card- One-sided internal clock 600mm

Catalog Card- Tower Clock

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