Kraśnik's new railway station officially opened!

The city of Kraśnik in Lubelskie Voivodeship has gained a new landmark-Innovation System Station. There is no trace today of the old station. In its place, a modern structure was built, which is spacious and designed to provide comfort to travelers.

For the facility, we delivered and put into operation two WZS Collective Station Displays, two-sided external clocks with a diameter of 600mm, a tower clock, including a dial, and a high-quality public address system. The installations have been incorporated into the Central Dynamic Passenger Information System, so travelers will receive the best possible information about train traffic at the station. The safety of travelers is supervised by systems: CCTV, KD, SOS and SSWiN, which we have built in.

The consistent modernization of train stations is aimed at creating an efficient means of transportation that meets the expectations of travelers and city residents. These activities are positively perceived by the public and result in increasing satisfaction with the quality of rail services and an increase in the number of people traveling by train.