The new IDS Sadurki railroad station is open!

The Sadurki Railway Station was officially opened on November 7. The innovative Type -B System Station was designed as a larger facility with an enclosed, separate waiting room equipped with air conditioning. This type of IDS also includes ticket office rooms and separate commercial spaces for retail and service outlets.

Of course, the Sat-System company also had a hand in preparing a place with amenities for travelers this time. Security was significantly increased by installing the following equipment: CCTV monitoring, Access Control System, Burglary and Robbery Alarm System and SOS System.

In addition, we installed and commissioned our WZS Collective Station Displays in the Station’s waiting area, while horn speakers and ceiling speakers with subsystems, single-sided indoor Clocks and double-sided outdoor Clocks were placed throughout the facility.

The dominant architectural feature is a tower with a facade made of larch wood, on which we placed a tower clock.

The construction of Innovative System Station (IDS), is part of the implemented by the PKP S.A. company. Station Investment Program for 2016-2023.