Opening of the Railway Station in Władysławowo

Władysławowo is one of the largest and most famous tourist destinations on the Polish coast. It is there that we cooperated in the modernization of the Railway Station. Thanks to the investment, the facility has become ecological and safe, and its historical character has been combined with modern solutions.

In the station’s waiting room there are our Station Collective Displays, which make travel easier for everyone using public transportation. They present information such as arrival/departure times, travel routes or even various emergency situations. The uninterrupted and stable quality of the information provided at the facility is also ensured by our Announcement System. Complying with current guidelines of PKP S.A., the announcements made by our equipment are clear and understandable. The building, which dates back to the 20th interwar period, has gained many facilities also for people with limited mobility. Responsible for safety, for example, are the SOS systems installed in the toilets, thanks to which we can immediately call for help.

The entire investment was carried out as part of the Station Investment Program 2016-2023 with EU funding from the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment.