Sat-System DPIS solutions on the main station of Włocławek city!

Włocławek is the city in central Poland. The third-largest city in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie District. It is the historical capital of Kujawy region and one of the oldest towns in Poland.

Włocławek main railway station is serving more than 600 k passengers per year. The main building of the station has been reopened 9th of August 2023, after complete renovation and extension. The inhabitants of Kujawy have thus gained access to safe and environmentally friendly railway infrastructure and travel comfort. The facility is fully adapted to the needs of disabled people. The building also features facilities for the blind and visually impaired in the form of guided paths or tactile maps and signage. The changes are also visible outside the building.

And this time we had the opportunity to supply the station with our Dinamic Passenger Information System equipment including Information Displays, Station Collective Displays – with start up service.

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