Przetycz Railway Station open for travel.

Przetycz railway station is a small building characterised by a contemporary and minimalist architectural form, with a distinctive eight-metre-high clock tower. It was built according to the formula of a typical Innovative System Railway Station. It is distinguished by its colourful fa├žade made of laminated panels. All station functions are located under the shelter and in a small building. Underneath, there is a waiting room with seating and radiant heat on three sides. The station is adapted to the needs of all passengers.

In addition to good visual orientation, it must above all be functional. The Time Signalling System we have put in place meets all the requirements of PKP S.A. and transmits real-time information. The current implementation of the timetable and all necessary information on changes/delays are communicated by our Station Collective Displays. In addition, the loudspeakers that were selected include horn loudspeakers and ceiling loudspeakers, which were positioned in accordance with current PKP S.A. guidelines so that the emitted voice messages can be understood in every zone of the station.

The investment was carried out as part of the Station Investment Programme 2016-2023 with EU funding from the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment.