Puck railway station open to travellers.

Puck – a rail station in Puck, Pomeranian Voivodeship. According to the PKP (Polish Railways) classification, it has the category of a tourist station.

The station has regained its historical appearance after renovation thanks to its brick facade. It became a modern and comfortable interior suitable for all passengers. The station was equipped with many facilities for people with disabilities. The station has also become environmentally friendly and safe. A smart building management system was introduced, controlling equipment and installations. To improve security, the building has been equipped with modern monitoring systems, burglary and assault alarms and a fire alarm system.

Fot. PKP S.A 

Fot. PKP S.A. 

In addition, we delivered and started-up our Collective Station Displays (HUSAR SCREEN series) to the station. To improve voice announcements, we installed horn and ceiling speakers. In addition, we equipped the station with an SOS Intecom System (HUSAR SOS), which was designed to be installed in the restrooms to summon help in an emergency.

The investment was executed under the current Station’s Investment Program with EU funding from the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment.