New Tomyśl railroad station put into operation!

The railroad Station in Nowy Tomyśl was built as part of the Station Investment Program with EU funding from the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Program. It was built in a new location, closer to the underpass leading to the platforms, so travelers will be able to reach the train faster. Our company was able to integrate the Station’s Announcement System into the platform. The Announcement System includes horn speakers, ceiling speakers, a microphone console and amplifiers.

Slightly larger, the IDS-B in an expanded formula with an area of about 72m2 houses our Dynamic Passenger Information System equipment such as Station Collective Displays, Indoor Clocks, Outdoor Clocks and a tower clock with an illuminated face.

The entire facility has been equipped by us with systems that watch over the safety of travelers, including KD, SSWiN and CCTV.