Description of the device

The Husar CZR Train Movement Sensor is a multi-sensor measuring device. It is installed at the end of the platform edge. It detects the entry, exit and manoeuvring of a train on the track by which it is installed.

The Train Movement Detectors comply with the requirements of the PKP Polskie Linii Kolejowe S.A. IPI-6 guidelines. They are equipped with microwave and ultrasonic sensors, which, thanks to their resistance to snow, fog or suspended dust, guarantee reliable vehicle detection when the beam is crossed.

The information from the sensor, together with a time stamp, is sent to the CASDIP database. It is then processed and, based on this, the central system determines the entry, standstill or exit of the train from the platform edge. Our Train Movement Sensor is a reliable and proven device on the PLK network.

When you choose our equipment, you not only receive a high-quality product, but also great service at every stage of its installation and use.


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