The Husar S-PDP Automatic Announcement Server enables the transmission of passenger visual and voice information about current and planned train movements to displays and audio equipment at stations and stations.

Description of the device

The Husar S-PDP server is designed for installation in locations where integration with an existing PDP Web Service system is necessary or communication with CSDIP is not possible due to local conditions. The device is supplied with all the necessary software. The services implemented on the Husar S-PDP server, on the basis of downloaded information from the PDP servers of PKP Polskie Linii Kolejowych SA, automatically create visual announcements and voice information in accordance with the PKP PLK Guidelines.

Announcements can be made in multiple languages. Changes can be made to the automatic announcements using a PC with an operator interface. Voice announcements for selected zones or entire facilities can be made directly via a microphone console attached to the operator’s station.

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