A Summoning and Alerting System is a set of equipment used to alert and summon help in emergency situations. We offer complete solutions for SPA systems – from design, production and installation to commissioning and maintenance.

Description of the system components

The Emergency Call System is used to provide voice communication between passengers and the services responsible for law and order and relief, and to transmit to the system operator the image of the person initiating the call in order to eliminate false threats. The system can be integrated with the PSIM system.

The Call-Alarm System devices we have on offer are tried-and-tested and reliable system components that can be scaled and customised to suit your needs. Our products have been specifically designed for building installations such as those in stations and other railway buildings.

The first type of SPA devices are call systems. They work in such a way that the use of the device mechanism triggers an acoustic alarm in the station’s waiting area and possibly establishes a voice connection with a predefined operator unit. The installation is also equipped with an alarm annunciator for verification and deactivation of the alarm by the relevant services.

The Emergency Call System also includes SOS posts, which, due to the complexity of the device, are described in another catalogue. SOS posts are equipped with a camera and intercom for two-way communication. It is customary to design SOS posts on platforms and at station waiting room entrances to ensure quick use.

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Catalog Card

SOS operator panel

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Emergency communication (SOS) surface-mounted panel

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Serwer SPA-SOS

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Intercom In-02

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SOS restroom system

Gallery of system components

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