Development directions and current implementations of Sat-System Sp. z o.o.

The first wave of the pandemic came as a surprise, so it was a turning point for technology companies, forcing a focus on products, certifications and the processing of the entire supply and production chain. The quality management systems in place according to the IRIS standard and the information security systems recently implemented in our organisation have confirmed that the company is capable of achieving its goals and meets the requirements of the stringent standards. Our company’s activities in the rail sector have been focused on safety in terms of the integration of safety subsystems, which set a new standard for station safety, and the certification of products and systems, particularly in terms of travel information systems and equipment. The company holds current certifications: Industrial Security Certificate, concessions from the Ministry of the Interior and Administration to carry out property protection activities in the form of technical security, ISO9001, AQAP2110, IRIS ISO/TS 22163 certificates.

Sat-System was one of the first to obtain a positive result of implementation tests for CSDIP passenger information devices according to the latest edition of IPI-6.

Validation activities were conducted in certification bodies and included a number of functional and technological tests performed at PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. Preliminary tests performed in an automatic testing application, Acceptance tests for compliance with the CASDIP communication protocol, Functional tests for compliance with Ipi-6 guidelines and laboratory tests with certification of all standards confirmed a positive result. PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. confirmed positive implementation tests for the full range of CSDIP passenger information devices manufactured by Sat-System:

HUSAR WKR edge display; HUSAR WZS collective station display,;

HUSAR WOP arrival/departure information display; HUSAR INF-WOP information kiosk;

platform entrance display WPW; main station display WGS,

as well as other equipment such as

HUSAR DAC public address system controller, HUSAR WZM amplifiers; CZR train movement detector; IP10 microphone unit; ANS ambient noise detector

Sat-System, as a manufacturer, has already delivered and launched passenger information systems connected to CASDIP in more than a dozen locations including:

-Pobiedziska Letnisko,
-Biskupice Wielkopolskie,
-Bielsk Podlaski,
-Skarżysko Kamienna,
-Szklarska Poręba Górna

Where devices are already operating in a production environment (several dozens of displays in the full range of products from small entrance platform displays through platform edge displays to main station displays with passenger voice information systems), are controlled and fed with data from the CASDIP application.

Sat-System was one of the first to pass implementation tests for CSDIP passenger information devices in accordance with the latest edition of IPI-6

The company is also executing a design and delivery contract with the General Contractor: Aldesa Polska Services Sp. z o.o. for the execution of system and facility designs together with deliveries for the task: , ‘Design, supply and installation of elements of dynamic passenger information presentation and video monitoring system together with technical infrastructure at railway stations, stations and stops’.

The investment will enable PKP PLK to equip 133 stations and stops with full passenger information, security systems and an SOS system on the E 20 line.

Rzepin – Poznań – Konin – Warsaw – Terespol and E 30 Wrocław – Zgorzelec.

Independently Sat-System, in order to meet market requirements, has expanded its design and product department, which provides design services for the entire teletechnology and passenger information systems for approximately 80 station facilities and 160 train stops and stations in Poland.

The product and IT department provides appropriate device software, integration of CSDIP display systems with audio systems, train presence detectors, SOS poles in line with PKPPLK requirements. The production department provides proprietary hardware and software solutions, a unique and finished device with installed software. In production, Sat-System uses its own unique and original hardware and software solutions, in addition to assembly, it designs and manufactures most of the component modules of the devices, using mainly Polish components. At the same time caring for the continuous development of the manufactured devices, we focus on reliability and quality of the finished product. Sat-System has a full range of products compliant with the latest IPI-6 and IPI-4 guidelines including (CSDIP) Displays, Broadcasting Systems (SR), Call and Alert Systems (SPA), Video Surveillance Systems (SMW), Time Synchronisation Systems (SSC), in addition we have a PSIM integration platform combined with VMS software used in many railway stations and facilities in Poland.

Meeting the requirements of the market and the goals of ensuring safety on the railway reflects the company’s business profile focused on building and integrating reliable systems. In order to increase efficiency in property management, through monitoring and management of integrated PSIM, VMS, BMS systems, Sat-System designs the largest railway stations in Poland including: Zachodni Dworzec Zachodni, Warszawa Główna, Tunel Średnicowy (W-wa Ochota, W-wa Śródmieście, W-wa Centralna, W-wa Powisle ,W-wa Stadion W-wa Wschodnia), Olsztyn, Gdańsk Główny and also provides maintenance, servicing and upkeep of over 50 stations throughout Poland.

Analysing the track work market, with a view to ensuring safety during work on active railway tracks, Sat-System is the only one in Poland to have developed the proprietary automatic warning system ASO ORZEŁ II, which received an award from the Minister of Labour in 2018.

The company is continuously investing and expanding its own research department to support the technological development of Polish railways through new innovative research and implementations. It cooperates with many Polish companies and is open to further cooperation and development. Recent months have been marked by dynamic changes and the need to adapt quickly to new challenges and circumstances. Ethics and corporate social responsibility are becoming the future of the market, hence the company’s activities are innovative and develop the competences of its staff, including certification and personal authorisation of engineers. The equipment designed and manufactured by our company focused on the reliability and stability of the solution, we are the only company on the market to use software running in a Linux environment, and all control and management modules were developed during three years of validation tests.

You are more than welcome to join us for joint realisations and implementations!